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Cedar Roofs

Cedar shakes and shingles are natural products that add highly valued aesthetic character to any building. They can last up to 50 years, significantly longer than composite (asphalt) shingles that usually have a 15-25 year lifespan. The insulating value of a 1" cedar shake is at least twice that of a composite shingle. Imagine how that will help reduce your heating/cooling costs! Additional benefits include:

Cedar shingles are not the same as cedar shakes. Cedar shingles are thinner than shakes and have smooth surfaces. Shakes are thicker and have a more rugged appearance.

Cedar shakes are not fire resistant. Check with your local building code enforcement to see if you can use cedar shakes in your area. Installing wood shakes is more complicated than roofing with composite shingles, and the quality of finished roof depends on the experience of the contractor.

A cedar shake roof needs proper maintenance. Unmaintained cedar roof lifespans can be shortened by mold, rot, and insects.

A great alternative is low maintenance, long lasting, composite cedar shakes. Composite cedar shakes are designed and engineered to emulate hand split heavy natural cedar shakes while providing unquestionable wood shake beauty and stunning curb appeal.

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