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The #1 Factor that Makes or Breaks a Roof

When property owners think about a roof, most consider its second-most important factor: the roof's aesthetic value. Understandably, they want a nice looking roof. But few think about WHY they have a roof. The number one reason every roof exists, regardless of how beautiful or ugly it may be, is to keep water out.

Rain, ice, and snow constantly try to invade your structure. Once water gets in, it begins to damage your home in many ways. And by the time you see a little damage, substantial damage has occurred in places you can't see. Costly, hidden damage.

Drywall has been saturated. The wood structure of your house has expanded and pushed, creating bulges in the roofline, ceilings, and walls. Cracks form. Mold grows. Critters find their way in. The worst part? Water can get inside the tiniest of holes — especially the ones you can't see from the ground.

We can help. AAA Better Roof offers a free estimate that includes:
• assessment of roof condition
• identification of weaknesses
• review of ventilation
• projected lifespan
• estimated cost of repair/replacement

Better yet, your roof's problems might be covered by insurance. AAA Better Roof can help your insurance adjuster identify the maximum payout you are owed. We do that by providing photographic evidence of relevant damage to you and your adjuster (you don't need to go on the roof!).

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