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Unexpected Roofing Costs

With AAA Better Roof, there will be no unexpected costs. No one wants to start a major home improvement job and get the bad news after everything is torn up: extra charges. The biggest reason for extra charges? Hiring a contractor who didn't know what to expect in the job.

With more than two decades of experience, AAA Better Roof is able to anticipate all possible costs BEFORE the job. Our written estimate will include everything needed for a top-notch installation. If we suspect possible hidden problems, such as decking (the wood under your shingles) that might need to be replaced, we will specify it as an option in our estimate.

Some contractors do not include dumpsters, removal of old roofing material, ventilation improvements, etc. If you compare a AAA Better Roof estimate with another contractor, make sure their price includes everything we include. Otherwise, you will be comparing apples to oranges.

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