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Squeezing One More Year Out of Your Roof

If you're reading this, then you already suspect your roof needs help. You might be thinking of squeezing one more year out of your current roof, but a little voice is asking, "am I doing the right thing?"

The number one reason to have a roof is to keep water out of your structure. After a roof reaches it's useful life, tiny leaks often develop allowing water to enter unnoticed. Water is unforgiving. It takes advantage of the smallest leaks and attacks structure in your attic, walls, and ceilings. The resulting hidden damage will need to be repaired or replaced, and that will add to the cost of ownership. For that reason alone, it is wise to replace your roof sooner than later.

Wood decking and structural members deteriorate and will need to be replaced when your new roof is installed. The more time that passes, the more damage is done, dramatically increasing the cost associated with the replacement of damaged decking and structural members.

Drywall can become saturated, stained, warped, and moldy. Damage to drywall and other interior surfaces increases as more time passes.

Roofing material costs have increased dramatically over the past few years and may continue to do so. Replacing a roof sooner than later ensures you will pay today's lower prices for roofing materials.

Your roof plays an important part in the value of your property. Replacing your roof now will increase your property value.

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