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Roofer's Insurance Coverage

Roofing is one of the most injury-prone occupations. If a roofer is injured on your property, you would be financially at risk if the roofing company does not have proper insurance. And, because it is an injury-prone occupation, roofing insurance is expensive. Since the cost is high, some roofers have inadequate (or zero) insurance because they can't/won't/don't want to pay for it.

As a property owner, YOU have to protect yourself. Demand a copy of your roofing company's liability coverage and worker's compensation certificates. Make sure they are insured for at least the state-mandated minimum (in Illinois the minimum is "$250,000 for each occurrence of property damage and $500,000 for each occurrence of personal injury or bodily harm").

AAA Better Roof takes insurance and employee safety very seriously. We are insured for the maximum amount possible ($2,000,000) and are happy to provide our customers with the documentation that proves it.

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